Kantar Goa - EKVAT 20 years singing Goa

It is time to celebrate the joint effort of all those who along the past twenty years have been part of the group since its first show in the Geographical Society in 1990, which marked the beginning of a new stage in making the Goan music known.

It is time to remember our musical journey in Portugal, in Goa and to the Goan communities in the Diaspora, and to offer our own interpretation of Goan music and the influences of the country that welcomed us.

It is finally the occasion to celebrate Casa de Goa (Goa House) as the home of our aspirations as a community in the Diaspora. It is an anniversary celebrated with various cultural activities, starting with an Exhibition “Roots-EKVAT” which was open to the public in the Museum of Casa de Goa from 3rd April 2009, followed by a show “Winds of Tradition” on 30th May, in the Auditorium of the Orient Museum.

The celebrations will close with a grand Gala “Kantar Goa” on 6th November 2010, in the Camões Theatre in Lisbon. See details of these events on this page of our site.

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